DIY Softbox From Joey L

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014

Joey L DIY Softbox

Commercial photographer (and prodigy) Joey L taught a workshop on Creative Live last year that I am now just watching. The course is full of brilliant tips and insights — one of which I had to share. The DIY softbox is very easy and very cheap. The only materials are: a cardboard box, tinfoil, wax paper, gaffer tape, and an led flashlight.

  • Cut a small hole in the back of the cardboard box
  • Line the cardboard box with the matte side of tin foil and tape it down
  • Tape several layers of wax paper over the front of the box
  • Put the flashlight through the hole and secure with tape

Voila, you have just Macgyver’d a softbox and now have a studio light for around $10.

Joey L DIY Softbox