When And How To Use Flash In Wedding Photography

Posted by on Jul 5, 2013

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When it comes to using flash in wedding photography there are lots of different views. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary, other times it is not. If we can, we try not to use flash. Like many photographers we favor natural light. However, even with natural light there are times a flash can make the photograph look much better.

When we shoot outdoor weddings we almost never use flash. The one exception is when we photograph group shoots like the family and bridal party. Often times the additional of an off camera flash adds a touch of fill light that makes for a richer picture. Our off camera flash setup for weddings is a flash with a soft box — this adds soft natural balanced light.

When photographing indoor weddings an on camera or off camera flash is almost always necessary. The trick when using flash is to make it look as natural as possible. An off camera flash setup tucked in a corner can work wonders in a setting with low light. When using on camera flash we use a stofen diffuser and aim the flash up and slightly tilted backwards in order to bounce the flash off of the ceiling to create a balanced reflection of light.

Of course there are times when we can’t use a flash like during the wedding ceremony. In these situations we rely solely on our camera and prime lenses. One of the reasons we photograph with a Nikon D4 is how well it shoots in low light situations. In our opinion it is the best camera to use in low light — so much so that we actually switched from Canon to Nikon for this very reason.